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Web Development, Multimedia & Photography

Integrate system for more efficiency and creative solutions to maximise your brand's potential...

Imagine a world without computer… without the internet… difficult? impossible?

Both are incredible tools which have multiplied by ten folds at least the work we achieve everyday.  However, they often drive us totally crazy!

In this mad business world where everyone wants to compete on the global market, how do you know what is best to do?

Well, Gondwana has been involved with web marketing since the beginning of the internet in Europe and its deployment in Africa, so with that expertise, we believe that we are a good partner in advising our clients on what to do.

First of all we believe in quality much more than in quantity.  That applies for life in general.  I personally want to spend quality time with my family and friends, so I need to be efficient during my business hours.

This is the reason why Gondwana has been developing web-based applications integrated within your website to boost your efficiency in all your business operations, from communication to management of multimedia content.

Gondwana also offers complementary services ranging from photography, multimedia productions, creative writing as well as corporate imaging.

Web Development - Database Driven Website

Much more than website… a complete integrated communication and content management system...


Photography is our first love, and is inexorably at the core of all our productions.

Time-Lapse Photography

An entire division of Gondwana specialises in time-lapse photography.

Multimedia Productions

We captivate audiences through uplifting soul photography and inspirational writing. Through the use of 3D modelling, special effects, music and voice, your brand leaps to life.

Creative Writing

We capture the essence of your brand to motivate your target market to choose your products and/or services.

Corporate Imaging

We believe in brand imaging that communicates - beautifully, energetically and uniquely. A well-designed logo uniquely expresses what your company does, sells and stands for.