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Gondwana Portfolio

You only have one chance to make a first impression.
We care for our natural environment and encourage our clients to invest more in digital, less in print.

Website for Alvaro Viljoen - TUT-Pharmacy

- get all material - define concept & limits

Visit website www.alvaroviljoen.com
Website for Hamman Sias - TUT-Pharmacy

Visit website www.hammanjh.com
website for Waterberg Biosphere

Visit website www.waterbergbiosphere.org
Living Your Dream – movie

This 60 min movie is the true life story of a 4-year breathtaking journey from Brussels to Cape Town. The focus is on outstanding still photography and a refreshing storyline.
Kids of Nature – modern earthy website

Kids of Nature is an initiative to build a generation of future adults who live in harmony with nature.

Visit website www.kidsofnature.org

Visit website www.capefreshfish.co.za
website for Naturae Medicus

Visit website www.naturaemedicus.com
Vergelegen Estate – classical website

This section of Anglo-American is with us since 1998 and remains an incredibly well visited website. It serves as a marketing, but also as an internal management tool.

Visit website www.vergelegen.co.za
Pulse Africa Tour Operators - dynamic presentation on dvd
Ben ter Huurne Wildlife Photography � website

A clean website that illustrates the portfolio of wildlife photographer and business man, Ben ter Huurne.

Visit website www.benterhuurne.com
Building Time Lapse – photo & video services

Visit website www.greatguides.org
Living Your Dream – modern natural website

This website tells the true life story of a 4-year breathtaking journey from Brussels to Cape Town as a series of episodes. Each month, a new episode is announced by means of an international email campaign. The story is still unfolding...

Visit website www.livingyourdream2.com
website for Rock Crawler

Visit website www.rcgsa.co.za
Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve – modern natural website

The focus is on providing regional touristic information and on nature conservation.

Visit website www.kogelbergbiospherereserve.co.za
In Celebration of Fynbos - Petra Vandecasteele & Paul Godard
Cocagne Guest Residence – earthy website

A clean website with a focus on nature, photography and tranquility.

Visit website www.cocagne.co.za
Website for Hottentots View

Visit website www.hottentotsview.com
Movie for Alvaro Viljoen - TUT-Pharmacy
website for NGOJobs

Visit website www.ngojobsonline.com
website for African Parks Network

Visit website www.africanparks.eu
CoCo - Connect- Communications – modern earthy website

This website contains samples of features and focuses on a personal approach.

Visit website www.connect-communications.com
Enya & James In The Land Of Magic - Petra Vandecasteele & Paul Godard
website for Michael Lau

Visit website www.michaellauchangeyourlife.com
Paul Godard Soul Photography – contemporary website

This website showcases the portfolio of Paul Godard in a clean, yet transporting way.

Visit website www.paulgodard.com
Topsy Turvy Guest House – earthy contemporary website

A clean, inspiring website with a focus on photography.

Visit website www.topsyturvy.co.za

Visit website www.bergenzee.co.za
Pelican Worldwide – corporate website

The focus of this multinational company was to work with an on-line catalogue to facilitate communication.
Pulse Africa Tour Operators - contemporary classic website

The purpose of this functional website is to replace most of the traditional marketing solutions and become the sole income generating tool for the company. This website contains more than 2000 pages on luxury Africa destinations and is actively used for communications at all levels. Effective SEO has well increased the number of visits and enquiries.

Visit website www.pulseafrica.com